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The Mother's Day Woodlea Planter Assortment

Item # FFMD2042-02
The Mother\'s Day Woodlea Planter Assortment

FFMD2042-02 - The Mother's Day Woodlea Planter Assortment

Starting at 75.95, choose your size!  (The Custom Design will be desinged in a large @16-18" Basket.)

The Mother’s Day Woodlea Planter Assortment is a natural ceramic container filled full of rich assorted interior greenery that will provide a long lasting exquisite gift to that Mother’s homes decor. This garden echoes a long tradition that began centuries ago in Asia. We also accent each Planter with Silk/Dried Flowers to give it a custom look. Each Planter bowl style is different, due to the many Planters we get in. By