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The Mother's Day Fruit Basket & Garden Vase Combo

Item # FFMD196-01
The Mother\'s Day Fruit Basket & Garden Vase Combo


"Please call and ask to speak to one of our Consultants. We will be glad to answer all of your questions, as well as assisting you, in your ordering of this Specialty Item."

Item # FFMD196-01: Custom Piece

FFMD196-01 - The Mother's Day Fruit Basket & Garden Vase Combo

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The Mother’s Day Fruit Basket & Garden Vase Combo is per your request. We have added our Fruit Basket with a gorgeous Fresh Flower Garden Vase design, filled full of seasonal flowers from around the world. Asters, Snapdragons, Hybrid Lilies, Alstroemeria Lilies, and much more are made up in this design. The combo gives the best of two designs. Beautiful flowers plus a basket full of assorted Fruits, Raisins, Juices, and much more. This combo is great for everyone! We will select the freshest flowers and fruits available, so colors and varieties may vary. By