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The Mother's Day 18 Rose Cylinder Vase. (Available in 4 Colors.)

Item # FFMD1580R
The Mother\'s Day 18 Rose Cylinder Vase. (Available in 4 Colors.)


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Item # FFMD1580R: Custom Piece

FFMD1580R - The Mother's Day 18 Rose Cylinder Vase.

The Mother’s Day Eighteen Red Rose Cylinder Vase offers a modern twist on the familiar, to give your Mother a gift meant to create a moment of surprise and delight. Gorgeous Red Ecuadorian Roses form a splash of Boronia accented with loops of lily grass blades around the outside and the alluring textures of Ruscus to draw the eye in. Presented in a clear glass cylinder vase lined with Lily Grass to create even further appeal. This stunning rose bouquet is set to create an exceptional Mother’s Day gift. (Available in 4 colors.) By